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It all starts with a great foundation.

The days of "set it and forget it" are over. Still, maintaining technical infrastructure is critical for solid lifecycle management. Neglecting maintenance can result in significant technical debt, which makes it harder to change or update systems.


Using outdated firewalls and unpatched switches can expose your network to serious security threats. NAN provides advanced monitoring systems that can detect and troubleshoot network issues before they escalate into significant problems. With simple change management, device patching, and configuration backups, you can safeguard your network from potential cyberattacks.

Foundations Management 
  • Managed Next-Gen Firewalls 

  • Managed Switches

  • Managed Access Points

  • Managed Routers

  • Foundations Device Patching

  • Foundations Policy Management

  • Configuration Backup & Recovery

  • RMA & Replacement Management

  • Proactive Bandwidth/CPU Monitoring

  • Configuration Change Management

  • NAT Rule Development & Management

  • Management of Public IP Space

  • Network Alarms & Notifications

Winning with NAN
1's and 0's

Deep Packet Inspection


Anti-Ransomware Scanning



Next-Gen Firewall Services

Laptop 2

Advanced Web Filtering


Secure Email

Cloud Network

Secure Cloud

Pitch 1

Training & Enablement

Network Security

Secure SD-WAN


Zero Trust Network Access

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Intrusion Detection System

Vulnerability Scanning & Detection

Multi-Factor Authentication

Identity & Access Management


Malware Detection


Threat Scanning & Identification

Temporal Cycle Consistency

Security Patching

Network 2
Data Encryption
Laptop 1

Your Network


Antivirus & Endpoints


LAN Edge & Wireless

Global Network

Geoblocking Intelligence

Analytics 5

Reporting & Analytics


24 x 7 SOC

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24 x 7 MDR

How NAN Secures Your Network
  • Training & Enablement
    We offer robust cybersecurity training that has been personalized specifically for each client, their security needs, and potential risks. Safe, simple, and easy to follow.
  • 24 x 7 MDR
    Managed Detection and Response Services detect cyber threats as soon as possible, respond to and contain them efficiently, and proactively mitigate and remediate any damage they may have caused. NAN's MDR as a Service solution ensures resources are on standby to respond remotely, or on-site if needed. Analysts and senior engineering personnel use a predetermined triage and response process to gather all necessary logs, data, and contextual information required for investigations. These resources and Threat Hunters compare this data to current global threat activity behavior to understand as much as possible about an attack and its source to debilitate it.
  • Identity & Access Management
    NAN's advanced framework of fully managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), and other capabilities within the security fabric establishes knowledge of each user’s identity, prescribed role, and access level(s).  NAN develops and enforces policies governing how, via what means, and in what capacities users can connect to and interact within your network. NAN offers turnkey automated detection, response, and quarantining services in concert with identity-based policies, providing any organization a path to Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA).
  • Secure Cloud
    Cloud security encompasses technology, applications, policies, and controls to protect your data, services, and infrastructure from threats. Cloud providers support native security features that continue to evolve, but that is just a piece of the cloud security puzzle. NAN’s experts have been securing cloud environments for decades. Our expertise can integrate network security into your latest AWS or Azure project. Using technologies like SSL DPI, Web Application Firewalling, or IPS, we protect your critical applications in any cloud strategy setting (Public, Private, or Hybrid).
  • Data Encryption
    Encryption protects sensitive data from unauthorized access by rendering it unreadable to anyone lacking the necessary credentials, including cybercriminals or hackers who may have managed to breach your network. In addition to enforcing the privacy and safety of sensitive information, encryption can be used to authenticate the authenticity of files and prevent unauthorized alteration. NAN has extensive experience handling encrypted data throughout the security fabric and can implement policies, services, and tools to enforce your operational and compliance requirements.
  • Proactive Threat & Malware Scanning & Detection
    NAN deploys, configures, and manages a cutting-edge tech stack of tools and services, many powered by AI and machine learning, that proactively scan internal and external traffic for any suspicious activity, packet, or artifact. NAN further enhances such capabilities with integrated advanced analytics options, identity-based policies, and information and event handling services to safeguard against threats while enabling the workflows unique to you.
  • Secure SD-WAN
    Secure SD-WAN ensures a consistent user experience, optimizes network architecture (a simplified design), protects against cyberattacks, and reduces costs by improving application performance all through centralized management. This enables fast connections between branch location servers and services such as SaaS or IaaS platforms--something that other solutions cannot provide today. NAN's fully managed SD-WAN solutions leverage scalable and adaptable platform-based technologies from leading suppliers such as Fortinet, Cisco, and more.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    NAN offers turnkey logging, reporting, and advanced analytics for compliance and network security. We offer unique capabilities not found in other solutions, including centralized logging and reporting, automated detection and response, daily ingestion of global cyberthreat indicators, and proactive detection of such threats. NAN implements contextually aware analysis that delivers the information needed for attack mitigation and to satisfy any compliance regulator.
  • Security Patching
    All network devices require patching as part of ongoing maintenance. This includes the updating of operating systems, software, or firmware to a newer (or alternate) version that addresses vulnerabilities or offers new features. However, not all updates are created equal, and some may not be ready for your ecosystem. NAN studies how the latest versions are behaving before qualifying them for your devices, evaluating if it will comply with your needs, services, and policies. Our NANguard product suite adds our Custom Biannual Device Patching process and weekly/monthly PSIRT analysis and response to ensure your devices are continuously and consistently running the most optimal and protective software versions available to you.
  • Antivirus & Endpoints
    Endpoint Antivirus is an anti-malware program that helps to rid computers and other devices of malicious software such as trojans, worms, and viruses. NAN runs an antivirus scanning routine designed to share access to the network traffic. In doing so, resources are not spread thin across every single task and combined efforts can minimize load time.
  • Next-Gen Firewall Services
    Next-generation firewalls include powerful tools, filtering, and capabilities to defend against the modern evolving threat landscape. These units offer high inspection and bandwidth throughput to meet heavy threat protection demands for organizations moving rapidly. NAN provides and fully manages these devices and features, configured expertly to meet the requirements of any network.
  • LAN Edge & Wireless
    Your security posture should extend inwardly from your perimeter to the switching, access points, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity on which your business runs. We diligently leverage our world-class platform to extend security policies, detection, and available analytics from the Firewall out to and on to all peripheral network devices. NAN offers Foundations Management on a flexible per-device basis, or through NANguard – where all your switches, access points, and other devices are fully managed for one transparent price – no matter how many you have or wish to add. We make it simple because it should be.
  • Zero Trust Network Access
    Zero Trust is not a product or set of products, but a strategic approach to cybersecurity that secures an entire organization by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every digital interaction. To put it simply: Never trust, always verify. NAN helps you control the who, what, where, when, and why for every packet transmitted on your network, all the time.
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning & Detection
    NAN’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning & Detection services automatically identify and inventory all systems on your network. For each identified device, a review is done of its operating system, installed software, and specific attributes including user accounts and open ports. Using this inventory, NAN proactively leverages advanced scanning capabilities that correlate your device states with global databases of known vulnerabilities. The results inform action plans to update, patch, and/or reconfigure devices, which NAN will prioritize based on your needs, level of risk, and operational requirements.
  • Advanced Web Filtering
    Web filtering is the first line of defense against exposure to malware, infected downloads, and other malicious web-based content. Enabling Web Filtering is simple, but without expert configuration, ongoing management, and often overlooked maintenance, workflows can grind to a halt. NAN uncomplicates web filtering with turnkey capabilities, CIPA compliance, and dedicated resource availability to deliver Managed Web Filtering for you, not to you.
  • Secure Email
    As email is the number one attack vector, NAN offers a fully managed secure email solution, powered by Microsoft, with advanced inbound and outbound filtering and defense capabilities, and full backup, for those who require the most stringent approach to email security. We also have the capability to extend your network security policies and posture to the email layer, providing the best possible defense against email threat actors.
  • Anti-Ransomware Scanning
    Ransomware is a type of rapidly spreading malware that blocks access to computer files, systems, networks, and/or data until a sum of money is paid to the threat actor. Ransomware attacks are costly, disruptive, reputationally damaging and often result in total loss of critical information and data. NAN implements and manages both proactive and reactive Ransomware-focused scanning, detection, and prevention capabilities.
  • Deep Packet Inspection
    Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) powerfully examines the content of data packets using checkpoints on your network. Unlike normal stateful packet inspection that only analyzes the packet’s header (Destination and source IP addresses, ports, etc.), DPI further analyzes the data and metadata enclosed within, and associated with the packet in question. In this way, DPI provides a network filtering mechanism highly effective in cyberattack discovery and prevention of intellectual property theft. Enabling DPI is simple, but without expert configuration, ongoing management, and often overlooked maintenance, workflows can grind to a halt. NAN delivers fully managed, turnkey DPI solutions in concert with appropriately sized hardware that delivers the throughput needed for this advanced feature.
  • 24 x 7 SOC
    Security Operations Centers are at the heart of cyber-security efforts. SOC analysts review data in order to identify weaknesses and respond accordingly. Like a command center, SOCs monitor your entire network - constantly collecting intelligence on all available devices, systems, and interconnections present - as well as identifying and managing any issues that arise before they can cause serious problems. Today's advanced threats necessitate rapid action against anything that may prove dangerous; no matter where it comes from or what it entails. NAN operates North American-based SOCs and can scale services and engagement levels to meet any compliance or monitoring need.
  • Geoblocking Intelligence
    Geoblocking uses logic to block connections from certain locations. This capability identifies foreign and domestic IP addresses attempting to interact with your network and instruct your perimeter to allow or disallow traffic based on location-based criteria operationally customized for your organization. NAN provides, configures, and manages Geoblocking services in concert with identity-based policies and access, hereby governing which users can connect (and where).
  • Compliance
    No NAN-managed ecosystem has ever failed to meet audit requirements from a regulator. We offer best-in-class security compliance technology, consulting services, assessments, and implementation processes – all geared towards simplifying your compliance and security roadmap. We manage and deliver logging and data retention policies and tools in support of any cybersecurity compliance framework. NAN has extensive experience with the DoD, FBI, various government entities, NIST, CMMC, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOX, ISO, PCI DSS, FISMA, and the underlying cybersecurity technology and configuration necessary.


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