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Before the Storm

80% of organizations are implementing new tools faster than they're able to protect them against cyber attacks. A proactive approach includes advanced analytics, automated detection and response, and expert personnel supporting you 24x7 not only to stop imminent attacks, but identify and eliminate your vulnerabilities before they pose a threat.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Working together with NAN


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Security information and event management (SIEM) is an amalgamation of two different fields - security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). This combined group provides real-time analyzing capabilities for all incoming events, whether they are coming from user applications or network hardware.

NAN offers SIEM as a service, with capabilities to ingest real-time logs and information from all major platforms.

NAN supports the unified monitoring and control of diverse points, dramatically reducing complexity over time while improving operational efficiency. We help deliver unique capabilities not found in other solutions, including centralized logging and reporting coupled with intelligent security automation workflow implementation that automatically mitigates attacks within seconds - all based on actionable intelligence derived from contextually aware analysis.


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Security Operations Centers are the at the heart of cyber-security efforts. SOC analysts review data in order to identify weaknesses and respond accordingly. Like a command center, SOCs monitor your entire network - constantly collecting intelligence on all available devices, systems, and interconnections present - as well as identifying and managing any issues that arise before they can cause serious problems. Today's advanced threats necessitate rapid action against anything that may prove dangerous; no matter where it comes from or what it entails. NAN operates North American based SOCs and can scale services and engagement level to meet any compliance or monitoring need.

Managed Detection and Response Services detect cyber threats as soon as possible, respond to and contain them efficiently, and proactively mitigate and remediate any damage they may have caused. NAN's MDR as a Service solution ensures resources are on standby to respond remotely, or on-site if needed. Analysts and senior engineering personnel use a predetermined triage and response process to gather all necessary logs, data, and contextual information required for investigations. These resources and Threat Hunters compare this data to current global threat activity behavior to understand as much as possible about an attack and its source to debilitate it.


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