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A First for the Industry

NANguard is the industry's only end-to-end cybersecurity platform. This groundbreaking, hardware agnostic step forward in holistic network and security management makes it easier than ever to kickstart, evolve, or fortify your security and compliance posture.


It's simple because it should be.

The Security Platform That Grows With You

NANguard isn't how most approach security platforms. We don’t count devices, routers, access points, or switches. We just need to know how many users you have – that’s it. NANguard is an all-encompassing network security solution. Don't worry, we'll sweat the technical details. What matters is getting you back to business with the best security solution in place.

Need hardware? NANguard can be customized to include all the firewalls, switches, and access points you need as a service.

Want to keep all or some of what you have? NANguard supports that too.

NANguard Essentials

Upgrade your security approach from managed devices to a fully managed network. Unlock customized policy administration, proactive next-gen threat protection, and world-class support.

Starting at

$995 / mo

Threat Management

✓  VLAN & Policy Development & Enforcement

✓  UTM Configuration & Management

✓  Fileless Attack Prevention

✓  IPS Scanning & Detection

✓  Anti-Malware Scanning & Detection

✓  Anti-Ransomware Scanning & Detection

✓  User VPN Configuration & Management

✓  LDAP or RADIUS Configuration & Integration

✓  Site-to-site VPN

✓  Multi-site Support

✓  Geo-blocking Intelligence

✓  Payload-Based Signature Protection

✓  Edge-to-Endpoint Protection 

Foundations Device Management

✓  Managed Next-Gen Firewalls 

✓  Managed Switches

✓  Managed Access Points

✓  Managed Routers

✓  Foundations Device Patching

✓  Foundations Policy Management

✓  Configuration Backup & Recovery

✓  RMA & Replacement Management

✓  Proactive Bandwidth/CPU Monitoring

✓  Configuration Change Management

✓  NAT Rule Development & Management

✓  Management of Public IP Space

✓  Network Alarms & Notifications

Elevated Device Management

✓  Custom Biannual Device Patching 

✓  PSIRT Analysis & Response

Logging & Events

✓  24x7 Technical Support

✓  24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC)

✓  Compliance Logging

✓  Security Alarms & Notifications

Security Assessment

✓  Introductory Security Assessment


NANguard Advanced

Safeguard your data, devices, and people with fully managed advanced threat detection and response workflows, identity-based policies, and powerful data capture and analytics to enforce compliance.  

NANguard Essentials, Plus:

Advanced Threat Management

✓ Multi-Factor Authentication (VPN)

✓ EMS Management

✓ Single Sign On (SSO) Management

✓ Client Active Directory Integration

✓ Identity Based Policies

✓ Identity Based Access Management

✓ Web Filtering & Content Inspection

✓ Endpoint Malware & Threat Protection

✓ Web Application Firewall

✓ Denial of Service Mitigation

✓ Script Execution Engine 

Advanced Information Handling

✓ User Behavioral Analytics

✓ Advanced Logging & Reporting

✓ Automated Detection & Response

Advanced Assessments

✓ Total Network Security Assessment

✓ Gap Security Compliance Assessment

Compliance Frameworks Supported



✓ SOC 1




✓ ISO 27001

✓ ISO 27002 Controls

✓ ISA/IEC 62443

NANguard Complete

Defend your operations from the most sophisticated and pervasive threats with the industry’s most elite security technology, end-to-end Zero Trust implementation, and response teams – all managed for you. 

NANguard Advanced, Plus:

Deep Packet Inspection

✓ SSL DPI Setup & Management

✓ DPI Inbound/Outbound Policy Management

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

✓ Zero Trust Architecture Design

✓ Zero Trust Implementation

✓ Zero Trust Fabric Management

✓ Zero Trust Zones & Micro-Perimeters

✓ Zero Trust Tagging Policies

SIEM & MDR as a Service

✓ 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) 

✓ 24x7 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) 

✓ Advanced Threat Hunting 

✓ SLA-Backed Non-Critical Response Time 

✓ Managed SIEM 

✓ Managed Log & Event Correlation 

✓ Endpoint Behavioral Threat Protection 

 Annual Assessments

✓ Annual Risk Assessment & Report

✓ Ongoing Compliance Assessments

✓ Annual Risk Compliance Assessment

Compliance Frameworks Supported



✓ SOC 2, SOC 3

✓ Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 


✓ And Many More...

Available Add-Ons

 ☆ Advanced DDoS Protection Management


If you don't see what you need here, we'll do whatever it takes to create a solution unique for you. We will take care of the technical complexities so you can focus on what's most important: your business.

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