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Security Everywhere

NAN offers secure alternatives to traditional managed services. Extend your security posture to the cloud, collaboration, and connectivity that drive your business.

Access Key
Big Data
Secure Managed Services


Neural Network

NAN’s security-focused approach to connectivity leverages our own carrier-class network converged with secure interconnections with other leading carrier networks — this allows NAN to provide best-of-breed services from multiple Tier 1 Carriers. NAN’s network enables you to deploy a converged, all-IP network as a fully managed infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility, and resiliency. NAN can provide a single solution integrating multiple carriers, including MPLS services across carriers.

  • NAN network is interconnected with multiple tier 1 upstream, along with direct peering relationships with various leading cloud application vendors like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and more

  • Proactive monitoring: Our goal is to call you before you call us. Our engineers will be in touch to troubleshoot any issues that arise. No waiting on hold, or being caller number three in line

  • Capability to integrate multi-site firewalls, integrating IPS/AV, and advanced compliant web filtering


NAN also architects and delivers enterprise multi-site network managed SD-WAN, Hybrid SD-WAN, MPLS, Private, Point-to-point, and Multi-point networks solutions, and offers a suite of secure broadband and 4G/5G/LTE solutions for specialized applications.  

Traditionally, backhauling traffic from branch offices to the data center has been done for robust security scanning. But now this method wastes bandwidth and delays connection times—even causing disruptions with applications. A better way is needed to bring these branches closer together, so they can transmit information directly over the internet without going through an intermediary at all.

Secure SD-WAN ensures a consistent user experience, optimizes network architecture (a simplified design), protects against cyberattacks, and reduces costs by improving application performance all through centralized management. This enables fast connections between branch location servers and services such as SaaS or IaaS platforms--something that other solutions cannot provide today.

NAN's fully managed SD-WAN solutions leverage scalable and adaptable platform-based technologies from leading suppliers such as Fortinet, Cisco, and more.


Network Security


Cloud Network

Cloud security is a large topic that encompasses technology, applications, policies, and controls to protect your data, services, and infrastructure from threats. Cloud providers support native security features that continue to evolve, but that is just a piece of the cloud security puzzle. You can trust that our experts are not only up to date technically, but have the leadership and expertise to devise the right configuration, technology, and process to maximize security and minimize risk.  Our expertise can integrate network security into your latest AWS or Azure project. Using technologies like SSL DPI, Web Application Firewalling, or IPS, we keep your critical applications protected.

As email is the number one attack vector, NAN offers a fully managed secure email solution, powered by Microsoft, with advanced inbound and outbound filtering and defense capabilities, and full back up, for those who require the most stringent approach to email security. We also have the capability to extend your network security policies and posture to the email layer, providing the best possible defense against email threat actors.


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