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NAN's beginnings

The early days of NAN, then iCi - The Internet Connection, INC. in 1995

For more than 25 years, NAN (North Atlantic Networks) has helped companies connect and scale with confidence. Our unrivaled engineering expertise and proprietary methodology connects, secures, and maintains our customers’ networks now and safeguards them into the future.

​Our comprehensive suite of managed network services spans the entire network stack from fiber connectivity to managed network security. We solve the biggest networking problems for some of the largest enterprises and service providers.


NAN has roots tracing back to 1994 as one of the first dialup providers in Massachusetts, and the nation. NAN and its long-time partners serve various NYSE/NASDAQ companies, credit unions, accounting and law firms, biotech/biopharma, and a multitude of state organizations including Massport, The Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and numerous municipalities, schools, and state organizations. NAN has extensive experience with the DoD, FBI and various government entities, is a Certified e-Rate and Rural Healthcare Provider, and is an approved statewide vendor with a Massachusetts state contract and the MHEC.

Our core differentiator is our people and a commitment to excellence. We provide proactive management, a high level of security, 24/7 monitoring, and effective maintenance of your IT systems. Our technical staff is highly certified. and our state-of-the-art NOC and SOC centers utilize the most up-to-date monitoring tools and strict policies and procedures. We identify and address potential issues often before our clients are even aware they exist.

Headquartered in North Attleboro, MA, NAN operates in United States and Canada-based Data Centers, Network Operations Centers (NOC), and Security Operations Centers (SOC) at the following locations:

United States

  • North Attleboro, MA – NOC, Core Networking, Security

  • Boston, MA – Data Center (Markley One Summer)

  • Marlboro #1, MA – Data Center (Crown Castle)

  • Marlboro #2, MA – Data Center (Tierpoint)

  • Waltham, MA – Data Center (Equinix)

  • New Boston, NH – Primary SOC, Headquarters

  • Milford, MA – Endpoint & Server Helpdesk, SOC

  • Irvine, CA – Direct Office365 End User Support



  • St. Johns, NL – Backup NOC, Networking

  • Hamilton, ON – Backup NOC, Networking

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