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The 10 Things You Need to Know About Email Security in 2022

A NAN Specialty Foundational Paper


Email has come a long way since the MIT program "MAILBOX", which was a program to leave messages on computers for other users, back in 1965. Now, approximately 319.6 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2021. Once email hosting websites aided the ease of use of this new medium, it completely revolutionized the world, especially in business. However, there is one drawback to this new mode of communication: it's

really easy to hack.

The growth of cybercrime is so pervasive that the fallout cost is larger than country economies. In fact, it is estimated that the impact of cybercrime will reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. Email seems to be a large part of this foundation. According to a study by Mimecast, 1 in 50 emails contains some type of malicious content. And a data breach these days? They cost a business, on average, about $4.24 million.

In today’s cyberthreat climate, every business must have proper "cyber hygiene" and that starts with email security policies. Educating and enforcing every employee on proper conduct around email and secure processes is the strongest foundation of a great defense. Read on to discover our ten high-security email practices to ward off threats.


319.6 Billion

319.6 Billion

emails sent everyday in 2021

1 in 50

1 in 50

emails contain malicious content

$4.24 Million

$4.24 Million

average cost of a data beach for a company

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