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NAN Reveals New Brand Identity, Launches New Executive Website

Nikki Griggs

Sep 27, 2022

NAN's new brand voice brings an invigorated logo, refreshed website, and an official new name change.

NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA – September 27th, 2022 – NAN (North Atlantic Networks) today reveals its new brand identity, reinforcing its trusted industry reputation and rich 25-year history with foundations in network security and a focus on emerging technology. This updated brand draws on NAN’s industry position as an experienced, deeply knowledgeable company working to showcase its strengths as a business partner, enabling its customers' journeys in the digital world.

“This next step in NAN’s future really represents our deep commitment to our customers. We see a future where advanced protection is accessed by everyone and where every business can enjoy the corresponding limitless potential that brings,” comments Burke Anderson, NAN’s President and CEO. “The last 25 years have not only brought change to the market but to us, as well. We have grown in size and in experience and we knew the visual identity that will carry us through the next 25 years must reflect this. Our mission is to unite next-gen cybersecurity within a company’s digital lifestyle and what we are launching today only serves to reflect that.”

The new NAN logo reflects the new brand voice completely. It represents the construction of something beautiful and robust using simple components. It speaks to the wholeness and completeness of the customer experience and NAN’s recommitment to making the security aspect of the customer’s engineering as easy as possible. A refreshed logo leads the way ahead of a new, modern color palette and a wholly revamped web presence, all centered around a switch in name from “North Atlantic Networks” to simply “NAN”.

“We have always fondly been known as ‘NAN’,” reflects Mr. Anderson. “It was high time we made the switch official.”

At the heart of NAN’s new visual identity sits its four core principles that lead the company every day. Commitment to protecting customer ecosystems at all costs, having the integrity to connect customers to exactly which products or services they need, when they need them, holding accountable all employees to continuously advance their knowledge of the evolving threat landscape, and consistently delivering world-class service for each project and every customer.



About NAN

Since the days of dial-up internet, NAN (North Atlantic Networks) has been actualizing the harmony of digital transformation and advanced cybersecurity. As such, Fortune and Global 500 companies, government agencies, and the world's most regulated industries trust NAN to safeguard their teams, devices, and information. NAN's domain expertise in the intersection of networking, IT, and emerging technologies informs a holistic security approach addressing all vectors of the attack surface. As part of this discipline, NAN's expertise looks outwardly to each client and the unique factors that drive their operations. Through this visibility and commitment to Customer Success, NAN makes seamless the adoption of technologies into the security fabric of organizations of all sizes. For more information, visit

Press Contact

Nikki Griggs | 508.337.1148

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