Project Management & Implementation Overview

Project Management & Implementation Overview

Account Management & Implementation

NAN’s Account Management Executive will initiate and foster the relationship with Customer to review contract details, implementation plans, and Customer expectations with a kickoff meeting. NAN’s team is experienced with all aspects of management and networking projects and has a wealth of tools and options not typically available to many large competitors. We can overcome he inevitable challenges with our expertise and flexibility.

Following kickoff, regular implementation meetings will take place to ensure smooth progress of the project. Additionally, continuous updates are provided to the Customer with status of the various milestones that must be met to complete the project.

The Account Management Executive will confer with the assigned Sales Engineer to ensure the network design requirements are adhered to and are following timelines to ensure delivery in line with goals. Design changes, if needed, will be communicated to client for discussion and approval.

NAN’s Provisioning Department will interface with the Customer, Account Executive and the Sales Engineer to ensure all orders are accurate. NAN’s provisioning department is unique in that it is not isolated from other departments and thus a higher level of interaction is possible. This ensures efficient installation and fast solutions to challenges.

NAN’s account management individuals are knowledgeable regarding the many competing components in multi-site managed networks, multi-vendor hardware implementations and even considerations regarding internal Customer hierarchies and relationships with Customer vendors.

Customer Support

NAN’s Customer Care provides a level of customer interaction our competitors cannot offer. NAN’s business model does not serve residential clients or small businesses, and thus is not burdened with layers of support phone numbers, multiple tiers of technical support and extensive time to resolution.

NAN’s mid-market and enterprise customers say: “We wish all our vendors were like NAN.” NAN’s customers have remained clients for an average of 10+ years, clearly a reflection on our level of service in a competitive environment.

When NAN technical support is engaged, in nearly all cases, the first level of support with be an individual capable of immediately addressing any issues and speeding the time to resolution. NAN’s support is primarily network management, and as such, the expertise of engineers is focused on that task. NAN’s management product set specialization provides a level of service not found by the major carriers who must account for an array of products that vary from home users to small business, to enterprise clients.

Technical Support is available 24×7 by phone. Technical support engineers have extensive experience in the resolution of issues and can incorporate the multiple components of a networking solution in fixing an issue. On-site service is available when required and may incur an additional charge.

Billing Support hours are 8 AM to 5 PM EST by phone and via email. Billing representatives can answer and resolve questions regarding invoicing, credits, contract inquiries and most financial matters related to the relationship between Customer and NAN.

Installation Intervals

The NAN scheduling process is multi-dimensional. A calendar-based assignment interface is populated after management’s review of the new order and the requested due date specified by Customer. This is then compared to upcoming scheduling to arrive at a due date which is then communicated to Customer.

For Hardware Procurement, the interval is within 30 days following receipt of payment. This is the least complex interval. This will be subject to vendor availability or ordered hardware.

For On-Site Installation, the lead-time is approximately 15 days, and for multi-site networks greater than 5 locations the interval is 45 days.

For Management products which involve configuration and delivery or equipment, the typical interval is 30 days, and subject to availability of any connectivity products that are a part of the solution. For 10 or more locations, this interval may increase to 90 days.

For Connectivity products, the interval is subject to facilities availability from the underlying carrier.

NAN makes every effort to achieve due dates and to minimize intervals.

Order Process

Upon receipt of your order, NAN inputs the necessary information into our provisioning system. Requested due dates for connectivity services are factored into the process, as well as customer goal dates and the availability of any equipment that is a part of the solution. From this, an internal timetable is established, and in turn is used by the provisioning and engineering teams use to align task completion with the project due date and pre-set checkpoints.

Test & Turn-Up Process

When new circuits or connectivity is delivered, it is immediately tested to ensure a functioning link. If more complex configurations are a part of the solution, failover and failback is tested, and for firewall products a security review is performed by a “second tier,” to ensure completeness of the solution. For managed services that use cloud products, the cloud “dashboard” is checked to confirm all devices are properly reporting status and that logging and reporting features are functioning.

Customer Premise Requirements

To deliver the agreed upon services Customer must provide the following:

  • Telco room space (plywood wall space or rack space) and UPS (preferably generator backed) electrical power and outlets at all locations
  • Access to locations that are a part of the solution for NAN employees or NAN-designated partners
  • Customer personnel to accompany or allow access to locations during implementation
  • Properly regulated environmental conditions for equipment (CPE) from approximately 35° to 100° F.

Site Survey

Before installation, a site survey may be required to determine facilities available at your locations. This may involve a walk-through and may require a NAN or NAN-designated individual to visit your location. The walk-through may require a customer employee accompany the visit to ensure accuracy of the survey. If the office space is leased NAN will coordinate with the appropriate property owner or property manager at Customer request.

If modifications to the property are required (i.e., a wall penetration or trenching for example) NAN will coordinate appropriate permits with a certified location installer or the underlying carrier.

Once a walk-through or other survey is completed. NAN will communicate and seek approval for any work to be completed. NAN will expect a prompt reply to ensure project timelines remain on track.

Project Management & Installation

If construction is required at your location, NAN will coordinate those efforts with Customer assistance. NAN will ensure all parties are on “on the same page” as to work to be performed, timeframes and Customer impact, if any. NAN will communicate and schedule installation with client in advance. NAN expects timely response to keep project due dates on track.