Multi-Site Networks

Enterprise-level Ethernet Services, Nationwide

NAN is focused on providing you with the latest technologies to support your network needs. Our multi-site ethernet solutions can provide you with a range of cost-effective alternatives today.

Today’s networks are ever more complex, with the need to connect corporate LANs, remote sites, off-site data centers, and more. Legacy technologies must seamlessly interconnect with advanced protocols. Speed and scalability are critical. If you’re hoping to simplify your current infrastructure while leaving room to grow, Ethernet may be the right solution.

North Atlantic Networks (NAN) is a leading multi-vendor, multi-interconnect, Internet Services Provider, offering enterprise-level ethernet services nationwide. NAN operates its own carrier-class network, and converges this network with strategic interconnections with other leading carrier networks — this allows NAN to provide best-of-breed services from multiple Tier 1 carriers.

  • Guaranteed network reliability backed by NAN robust service level agreements
  • Metro, national and international Service
  • Access to the most expansive ethernet networks available
  • Easily scalable – increase speed within days, not months
  • Variety of configurations
    • Internet access
    • Point-to-point
    • Multi-point
    • Fully meshed
    • MPLS
    • SD-WAN
    • Hybrid SD-WAN
  • Bandwidth options available can meet data transport requirements in right-sizing speeds to carry voice, video, and data traffic across the network in real-time.
  • Nationwide Coverage and Support from certified technicians
  • Multi-site firewalls running IPS/AV Web content filtering (CIPA compliant)

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