SOC Management

Our Top Technicians Watch Over Your SOC And Your Entire Network 24/7/365

Senior management is increasingly being held responsible for securing their company’s critical infrastructure. Without an adequate SOC, it is difficult to defend your company against data breaches, security vulnerabilities, and costly ransomware attacks. It takes significant resources, expertise, and assets to build and maintain an adequate SOC. And the skill sets required to run your SOC are not easy to find.

With our managed security services offering you will benefit from the personal attention of top security engineers, best-in-class equipment, and the most advanced cybersecurity analytics on the market. NAN transforms what could be an enormous capital investment into a predictable operating expense while delivering the most comprehensive IT security coverage, scaled to meet your needs.

We will have our team scanning the logs daily/hourly/etc. checking for anything that may have been allowed through the network, but may be nefarious in nature.  We use a combination of humans and AI to help our SOC engineers serve you and your network best.

Our comprehensive set of SOC services represents a proactive approach including alerting, management, logging, security event and incident management (SEIM), and remediation.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Contact us and learn how our expert engineers can defend your network with best-in-class SOC management.