Business Continuity

NAN has you covered with cloud and premise-based disaster recovery and business continuity

Would your business systems survive a major business interruption?

Business continuity is the planning and preparation required to make sure that an organization will have the capability to operate its critical business operations during a business interruption such as a natural disaster, a breach, or any other emergency event.
We not only want to make sure your network can survive and thrive during a business interruption but also to avoid the disaster from the outset.  Our perspective is to ensure your infrastructure always remains resilient.
Disaster Avoidance
Our proactive approach combines the right technology, tools, process, and expertise to configure your network correctly from the beginning After set up, we take advantage of automation and failover testing to validate the system’s ability to move operations to back up systems during a business disruption of any kind.
Our engineering team performs actual failover events with your staff, including connectivity and hardware, network rerouting, and failback. We ensure that your team also tests that critical lines of business systems remain functional throughout.
Are your current failover tests orchestrated in a systematic and planned manner? Many are not. Our approach is a process, not an event.

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans keeping you up at night?

Let our unique combination of expert engineers and infrastructure create the right strategy to give you peace of mind (and a good night’s sleep).